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Hello everyone and welcome to The Preset Story My name is Guillaume.  I am a professional photographer who offers his services in Digital Art.  Author photographer specializing in lifestyle, architecture and travel, I’ve been passionately practicing this profession for 7 years.  Examples of companies I’ve worked for include Lancôme, Mercedes, Angelina Paris, Champagne Billecart Salmon … and …

I want to share my lightroom presets with you, whether you are a simple beginner, enthusiast, amateur or even professional who would like or need to improve their own photos.  I strive to offer lightroom presets that are structured and adapted to the needs of everyone. In the world today, image processing is necessary to obtain breathtaking photographs.  It can also be very fun to edit photos.

During my years of experience in photography, I have specialised mainly in photo editing on lightroom.  This software is simply magic.  I spend almost every day on Lightroom and over time I have gained more and more knowledge about good lightroom editing methods. We are always looking to speed up photo editing work and we want our photos to stand out from the crowd.  How can we make this possible?  After working on Lightroom and discovering the joys of presets over the last 7 years, I realised that creating my own lightroom presets was not only possible, but also extremely useful for all these photo editing needs.

The Lightroom presets save a lot of time and the retouched photos have a distinct and recognizable style, very useful for bloggers, travellers, instagram feeds and many more.  The presets are designed for everyone and can be used with Lightroom 4, 5 and 6. You can even use them on the free Lightroom mobile app.  The Preset Story collections have been created in many styles.

I like the idea of ​​being able to share my knowledge of digital photography through various lightroom presets to inspire even more people to this passion.  Why not join us today and see what more than 10,000 other people have discovered in our lightroom presets. It’s a real pleasure to create and offer these presets to you, to bring you valuable tools to make your photographs incredible.


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