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For only $ 60 you get all the presets available on the website as well as any new presets that come out. This offer gives you access to presets for 1 year. 



Have you ever spent hours editing a single photo and felt like you had not obtained the desired result? Have you ever wondered how thousands of Instagram users edit their photos to obtain a sleek, ensemble-looking feed? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, keep reading because The Preset Story has exactly what you need. 

 Elevate the quality of your work with simple and affordable tools like our lightroom presets that will bring your photo-editing skills to the next level. The Preset Story offers high quality and relevant lightroom presets that will speed up your editing process, and will elevate the quality of your Instagram feed or professional portfolio. 

 Instagram influencers and professional photographers trust our lightroom presets for their quality. We pay close attention to the way we craft our mobile and desktop presets for lightroom. We make sure that each preset is crafted with the perfect amount of exposure, clarity, and colors for you to spend less time editing, and more time shooting.  

You can choose from a wide selection of lightroom presets and adapt them to your own unique style. From dark and moody, simple, bright and airy, orange and teal to a vintage or cinematic look, we continuously innovate in terms of lightroom filters that will allow you to distinguish yourself from other photographers. 



Perfect for Instagram These Lightroom Presets enhance the quality of your feed with simple and affordable tools.

If you are looking to increase your following on Instagram and potentially become a blogger or simply maximize your Instagram experience by taking nice pictures, the luxury lightroom presets collection is the one you absolutely need to take a peek at. This trendy collection offers presets that will automatically brighten and give an airy feel to your photos once edited. These lightroom presets are perfect for travel or lifestyle bloggers that wish to enhance the exposure and brightness of their photos without compromising the richness of the image. The sweet sea preset and the california preset are on style and perfect for blues and cozier tones of beige and white. 



Our signature collections presets offer a wide-range of adaptable and professional-looking presets. This collection mixes colors, intensity and emotion to make the final product unique and professional-looking. The azure lightroom preset or the heaven’s door preset are perfect for photographers who collaborate with tourism boards to share their travel photos in a rich and colorful way. This set of lightroom mobile and desktop presets is also perfect for portraits or events such as weddings, baptisms or family gatherings. 




The premium collection presets allow for a very moody and artistic edit of your pictures. If you wish to add a dramatic effect that will accentuate details, colours, shadows and shapes, look through the presets from this collection and you can be assured to find something that will please you. Make colours richer, the mood darker, and the emotion stronger.   

 Special offers Sample Pack

If you wish to test out our presets, you can purchase our sample pack collection presets for only $1.99! With our sin city preset you can turn any sport event or portrait into an action-packed image. This collection of lightroom presets work for any lighting option and are especially good for low light photography. 

Each photographer, influencer or blogger has their own approach to photo-editing, so we know how important it is for our presets to be fully customizable. You will be able to achieve your creative vision with our help, while having full control over your final edit. 

We pride ourselves in selling lightroom filters that can be personalized to your own taste and offer maximal flexibility to create unique, high quality content.

Editing photos should be easy and fun! Create beautiful photos in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, and Camera Raw! The Preset Story, actions, and overlays transform your photos with a single click, while drastically improving your workflow.Our innovative solutions help photographers stand out from the crowd.Our Lightroom Presets are used by thousands of people from all around the world. Join us and enjoy a unique presets collections. This is where the editing begins. Enjoy!

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