Vintage Lightroom Presets


How many times have you heard someone say, “take me back to the old days”? Now, with the Preset Story, you can travel back in time with your photography. Just layer a vintage lightroom preset over your photos and go back to the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s with the tap of a finger. 


Obtaining the glamorous retro-looking atmosphere of the good old days in just a couple of clicks is now possible thanks to vintage presets on lightroom mobile. This retro trend is now in full swing on Instagram, and we want photographers and Instagram users to be able to bring their audience back to the past through their creations. 

These adobe lightroom vintage presets serve the purpose to blend the return of the beloved “old-fashioned” style with the modern aspects of photo-editing that we know and use as of today. 

Presets like Decibel, Cuba Libre were created to give your images an old vintage look as if your photos were shot on film and had aged. These vintage lightroom mobile presets are designed to wash out some color in your photo and add some grain and other effects to recreate the authentic aged feel that a photo taken by a film would have. 

These adobe lightroom vintage presets were designed to add sepia light, and film simulation effects to your photographs, allowing you to create the perfect look representative of the olden days. 

There is a variety of different reasons why you should use our vintage effect lightroom presets, but the best one of all is that you will make your images look like they are from a different era, which will inevitably put a halt to a viewer’s intense scrolling, and make them stare at your vintage creation. 

If you like an elegant vintage look and you wish you lived in the era of film, this is the designated set of vintage filters for lightroom for you.

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