Fall Lightroom Presets


Did you ever go for a walk on a crisp fall afternoon in the middle of the forest? Did you smell the leaves lying on the ground or noticed the grandiosity of the trees along your path? If so, how would you feel if you could share that same feeling that you felt through your photography? Well with The Preset Story’s fall lightroom presets collection, you can.


Fall can be felt through your photos


Our fall lightroom preset collection layers a cozy touch of fall over your pictures by working with the natural brown and orange tones of your image. The three autumn lightroom presets included in this collection add the season’s coziness in your pictures with one single click.

The three presets included in the collection accentuate saturation in  the red, orange and yellow channels of your image, while decreasing the overall saturation of the image itself . These fall mobile presets for lightroom will ensure that the quality of your image remains the same, while giving an autumn feel to your photo. Your puppy will look cuter, your coffee will look tastier and your blankets will look softer.

If for you fall means blankets, leaves falling and long strolls in the forest, be sure to use our fall lightroom presets that  you can use to get the most out of this season’s romantic hues and textures.

For optimal usage of the presets we suggest you use them on outdoor photography. Our autumn preset lightroom mobile can truly make photos with a hint of orange, red or green in them stand out due to the warmth, clarity and brightness of the presets.

Our seasonal filters are tailor-made for each season, and therefore offer a very specific enhancement of colors, textures and brightness according to the color temperature of your images.

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