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As travel enthusiasts ourselves, we know how hard it can be to truly capture the essence of a moment with a camera. Often, something magical ends up looking bland and emotionless on your smartphone later on.  This is why we came up with travel lightroom presets that not only make editing photos easy and fun, but also enable you to create beautiful and powerful images that perfectly immortalize these priceless moments.

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After a long day of travelling and finally arriving at your dream destination, we know that taking hours to edit your photos is the last thing you want to do. So jump in the pool, go to the beach, explore this beautiful city or go hiking to catch this breathtaking sunset and leave the editing to us!

Our summer presets collection will add sunshine to all your travel pictures and automatically transport you to a warm summer day. This collection will make your photos brighter and warmer while enhancing their natural colours. 

If you are visiting a coastal city or a tropical island, our sweet sea preset is a must! This travel lightroom preset brings out the natural blue tones in your photos, to create bright and powerful images that will add a consistent style to your social media photo layout. To take beautiful sea pictures that will stand out, try going to the beach when others avoid it, such as early in the morning. 

You will get stunning pictures without constantly having to wait for people to exit your camera frame. Also remember that timing is important! It is sometimes worth staying at the same spot for a few minutes, to wait for special elements that will make your picture interesting, such as unique shadow and light effects or a bird landing on the water.

To make your travel pictures look warm and dreamy, try our California dream and chill presets! These presets instantly make your pictures look like they’ve been taken at sunset, and everything looks better at sunset. Right? To get the same vintage and dreamy effect but with more neutral tones, try our Cuba Libre travel blogger preset, that will add a feeling of nostalgia to all your pictures.

Finally, our travel lightroom mobile presets are there to enhance the natural beauty of your travel photos, however, to create truly stunning images that will stand out from the rest, remember these three photography rules: lighting, composition and connection. Nothing can replace the sweet touch of sunrise or sunset lighting on your pictures. Natural light will always be the best way to take stunning pictures without having to put a lot of effort into it! 

Lastly, even with the best filter, nothing captures the essence of a moment better than the emotion it conveys! Try taking a candid photo of your friends or a unique encounter with locals. Capturing these special moments will add emotion to your travel pictures and make them truly unforgettable. 

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