Any avid Instagram user knows that in order to create a strong following, a page must have an interesting topic (i.e. travel, fashion or lifestyle etc.), some well-crafted photos, and most importantly, a unique filter that ties all the photos together perfectly, giving a consistent feed. For that, you need our lightroom preset packs. 

Whether you are a blogger, an influencer, a content creator or simply a photography lover who wishes to make their feed stand out, The Preset Story has what you are looking for. We create rich, texturized, airy and colorful presets that will light up your pictures. 

If you like to modify your feed according to the season, you should consider taking a look at our seasonal collections. Our summer and beach, autumn collection lightroom presets are perfect for your shoots during an afternoon hike in the fall or your evenings by the firepit. We also have a wide variety of bright and colorful summer presets if you are the type to spend entire days at the beach. 

If you would like to share your artistic side with the world, our cinematic and vintage presets will definitely please you. If you wish to share an emotion, rather than just a photo, you can add a unique tone with our orange and teal preset, bright and airy preset and dark and moody preset

If you are a traveler and wish to share your grand adventures with the world, make sure to check out our Travel presets collections like the sweet sea preset or the heaven’s door preset. They will provide your pictures with bright and sharp blues that will make any travel blogger jealous. 

Regardless of your preferences in terms of editing, our adobe lightroom presets are relevant and fully adaptable to your own style. 


When people scroll through their social media feeds, they like to see aesthetically pleasing photos that have a consistent style. That is exactly what our lightroom preset packs are useful for. For an extremely affordable price, you can create a symbiosis of colors for your Instagram, making your feed pleasant for the eye. Even if your photos were not taken in the same setting, our filters can give them a unique but blended ensemble. 

Editing photos should not be a hassle, it should be simple and fun! There are so many programs to edit your photos that can efficiently brighten up your photos but they can be confusing to navigate through. The Preset Story is there to help you create the look you want for your page with a single click. Our lightroom preset packs offer stimulating overlays that are a click away from transforming your bland photos to luscious images. 

Professional Lightroom Presets


These professional lightroom presets not only allow you to share improved versions of your photos, but also ensure a more efficient workflow. No need to spend hours on one photo. Choose a mobile and desktop presets for lightroom that best suits your own style of photography, lay it over all of your individual creations and you will obtain a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing feed or portfolio. This will allow you to spend more time behind your camera, and less behind your computer screen. 

Although our professional lightroom presets packs are used by thousands of people around the world, our unique presets collections offer a wide variety of styles, tones and moods to edit your pictures, ensuring that our products help photographers, influencers and bloggers stand out from the crowd. 

Join us and start enjoying the editing process thanks to our unique presets collection. This is where the fun begins! 

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