Summer & Beach Lightroom Presets


Everyone wants to be unique; everyone wants to stand out and be original, but it can be difficult to find your true self on social media. At The Preset Story, we have beach lightroom mobile presets that can enable you to unlock an unprecedented potential for your photography.


Sunshine and Sand


Our beach lightroom presets will automatically add sunshine, warmth and the feeling of an ocean breeze to your photos. Make every single one of your creations feel like it was taken on a hot summer day by the sea with our summer lightroom presets mobile collection.

With our Piña Colada preset, the whites of your photos will be enhanced with a creamy overlay, while the colors will be toned down without nonetheless losing their pop. This summer preset will give off the impression that your photo was taken near the ocean because of its softness and sandy overtone.

If you appreciate photography taken in the desert or have a knack for sundown photography, The Flamingo beach lightroom preset is exactly what you need. With its orange and green tones, it will enhance the colors of your photos by accentuating their richness and adding a greenish overlay to them. With this colorful overlay, the desert warmth of your photos will definitely stand out.

Whether you are a sailor, a surfer, or just someone who enjoys chilling by the sea all day long, adding the Milky-Way california-inspired lightroom preset to your photos will instantly make your images seem as though they were shot in paradise. Brighten up your images by accentuating the orange and teals of the beach setting by laying this summer lightroom preset over your photos.

With the Pineapple preset, give your image a deep, rich feel by enhancing the colors and adding a ray of sunshine. With this summer lightroom mobile preset, you will be able to accentuate the jungle greens while removing an unwanted blue undertone in your photos. This preset reduces the overall exposure to be able to reach this gold, textured light that makes your images so rich.

These presets are designed to be used in the Lightroom Mobile App only. These files are not compressed and can be installed and used on your phone directly.

Based on your lighting conditions, camera settings and personal style. In most cases our presets are one-click, but presets work differently on every image sometimes you will need to adjust your exposure. With your purchase you will receive a simple guide to install your presets on the mobile app. We are always happy to help you use the presets to the best of their abilities. No refunds or exchanges can be made on digital products once they have been downloaded.

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