Cinematic Lightroom Presets


Have you ever wanted to create pictures that look like they come straight out of a movie scene, but haven’t found the method of making that happen? We have exactly what you need. With our cinematic lightroom presets collection, your photos will achieve the edge that you are longing for. 


These cinematic presets for lightroom mobile have been designed to change the mood and the tone of a picture, to fit the predominant characteristics of a movie scene. It only takes a few seconds, along with a few clicks to obtain movie-like photos that will attract many viewers to your creations. 

You can use our lightroom mobile cinematic presets for a variety of different shots, ranging from but not limited to, portraits, architectural photography, landscapes, travelling photography or even really intense selfies. 

By reducing the exposure, increasing the importance of blacks and shadows, your images will be eye-catching and pop because of their dramatic effect. The cinematic presets for lightroom are designed with a warm brownish tone for that special movie feel to emanate from your photos. 

It is important to keep in mind the environment in which you are shooting if you want to lay over our cinematic lightroom presets on your photos. These presets are designed to give a movie feel to your photos, therefore, try being mindful of where you shoot your content. The presets lend themselves best to photography shot in edgier environments such as in fields, near metallic frames or in barns etc.

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