Are you an aspiring print model who’s trying to build a portfolio? Are you a newbie portrait photographer who’s also seeking out to build his own brand? Or are you an influencer who simply wants to shave some time off manually editing your travel, portrait or professional photos?

Well, don’t worry! Here are 3 best moody presets for lightroom mobiles that might help you get the ball rolling for your career.

What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets, as the name implies, are pre-determined settings generally applied through the use of the Lightroom Application (whether mobile or on desktop version) with the goal of improving the overall aesthetics of the photo. Best thing about it is that you don’t have to manually go through editing each and every category such as brightness, exposure, shadows, etc. and instead, you let the preset do its job. With just a simple click, copy and paste, voila! You can immediately see the results.

Building a portfolio most often than not, takes a lot of time and effort. Your time and effort will mostly be focused on which photos will match with which and you also have to think about the theme and color “blending”. The use of presets in a way, helps you out with that because your theme is cared for! Here are three presets you might want to check out:

     1. Creamy Day

  • Creamy day is ideal for portrait, fashion and outdoor photos.
  • Once the preset is applied, it gives off a cinematic feel to the end product. The slight haze overly adds a dramatic effect to the overall theme of the photo. The shadows and blacks are also enhanced producing much more contrast and clarity.
  • Before applying the preset, make sure that that the “raw” photo is taken with decent exposure to compensate the action of the preset once applied.
  • Yours at $4.50.


     2. Moody

  • Moody works best for portrait, outdoor and well-lighted photos
  • After applying this preset, your photos are guaranteed to pop! Moody effectively improves the photos saturation without causing much of a distortion to the overall color balance. Your photos will certainly come to life!
  • Increases the photos’ “warmth” slightly giving it more charm and is pleasing to the eye.
  • Yours for $4.50


     3. Downtown Street

  • My favorite among the three listed here simple because of its versatility. This is perfect for all kinds of portrait or fashion photos but I see myself using this as a daily driver for urban shots.
  • The preset is just really compatible for photos of still-life, buildings and everything else! Once applied, you can expect to see more sharpness in your photos to the point where you’ll see some detail that you probably haven’t notice there before.
  • Even though the sharpness and detail has been increased, there is no obvious alterations in the saturation of the photos as well as its contrast. Subtle and discreet, just the way I like it.
  • Best part? It’s only for $3.99


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