Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe has many versions of software to assist you in creating photographic masterpieces. Lightroom CC is high on the agenda for many photographers. Not only can photographers sort their images by catalogue, but they can perform all measures of editing mastery using add on Lightroom presets.


Why Own a Preset

Presets are an essential part of a fluid workflow for a working photographer. Lightroom Presets are an indispensable toolkit for every photographer. As Adobe explains:

“Develop presets let you quickly apply a specific look or editing style to your images, and they can be easily shared”.

If you look at the benefits of using a Preset, they include:

  • Fast and easy editing when batch processing large amounts of images at once.
  • Uniform look applied to all photographs ensuring consistency.
  • Tailor-make a preset by creating one yourself, or better still, loading purchased presets.
  • Apply a finished look that you can tweak if required, saving you hours of editing time.
How To Use a Preset

To begin using a lightroom preset, it’s straightforward. All you have to do is purchase a Lightroom Preset you like and then loan it into the software using the ‘Load’ option from the Preset Menu. Once Lightroom reads the file, you can see the preset listed in the Preset panel.

Locating the Lightroom Preset panel is straightforward. Open the ‘Develop’ tab, and you will see the panel on the side. Once you have found the preset you loaded, click on the name and it will apply the unique look to your image.

On Lightroom desktop version, if you are unsure about the look of a preset, hover the mouse over the title, and you should see a photo preview. This trick is especially handy if you made multiple Preset purchases and you have an extensive list of looks to choose from.

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