As all skin types are different, so are the presets that best complement them. Presets are meant to bring out the best in your photographs, but that doesn’t mean they are universal. It is important to pick the right presets for the best results.

Here are our tips on how to choose the best Lightroom presets for dark skin. We have included the best prompts to the most suiting presets for dark skin as well as which presets we recommend.


The Best Lightroom Presets for Dark Skin

Once you are confident with your photoshoot and are ready to edit the images, there are a couple of different styles of presets you can opt for when editing photographs of people with dark skin. Depending on the mood and look you want to get from the preset, we have laid out our most popular presets and made it that much easier.


Increased Sharpness & Clarity Presets 

When looking for presets that flatter dark skin, those that have an increased sharpness and clarity are a great go-to!

They are made to enhance the colour and sharpness of your image and creates better contrast between skin colour and the background.

If you want your images to pop with high contrast and an emphasis on dark green tones, opt for presets that enhance sharpness and clarity.

Here are some of our most popular presets that do exactly that!

  1. Sweetness Lightroom Preset
  2. Creamy Day Lightroom Preset


Minimal Presets

If you are looking for a more natural effect in editing your photos, minimal presets are a great option.

These presets focus less on colour and emphasis the sharpness and clarity. It showcases a high contrast of white and black while less on highlights.

Minimal presets are ideal for photos that already look fairly good but that just need a touch-up or a little something extra.


Lower Exposure & Faded Presets

If you are looking for a Lightroom preset that creates a vintage aesthetic, we recommend opting for those that have lower exposure and are faded. The best Lightroom presets for dark skin reduce orange tones so that the skin doesn’t take on the hue.

Furthermore, faded presets with lower exposure add a deep stylish colour tone which enhances that faded aesthetic that is so loved from vintage photos. 

Some of our favourite Lightroom presets include:

  1. Insta Collection Lightroom Presets
  2. Piña Colada Lightroom Presetfac


Moody Presets

The best moody presets for dark skin focus on fewer colours. This is a fun preset for focusing on a pop of colour, but not too vibrant. 

Furthermore, moody presets are best for editing photos in which you want the focus to be on the person. Picture a woman on a street, a moody preset will enhance the focus on the woman instead of the grey streets. 

This is a really great preset to use if you want a faded and warm look without 

Presets that focus on a few colours, best for images that are focused on people in an environment, gives a desaturated and faded look, warm, dark, and moody photography.

We recommend the Almond Selection Lightroom Preset as it adds a rosy hue to the photo, and who doesn’t love a rosy hue?

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