Nothing compares to the look and feel of a photo taken with a vintage camera, or using film. While those photography tools are a rare find these days, you can still replicate the vibe of a vintage picture with some simple photo editing. 

For amateur and pro photographers that use Adobe Lightroom, applying vintage presets is the easiest way to transform any photo into a retro-inspired work of art. Here are the 4 best vintage lightroom presets to get your imagination and creativity rolling.


 How can I use vintage effect Lightroom presets?

The way presets work is very simple: once you’ve uploaded your image to Lightroom, applying effects to your photos can be accomplished with a single click. All of the following presets are compatible with both the free and paid versions of Lightroom, so you don’t need to worry about upgrading your subscription if you’re a free user.


“Decibel” preset pack

decibel lightroom presets


Crank it up with the “decibel” pack, a collection of three vintage-inspired presets that will leave your photos looking warmer, dreamier, and more retro than ever before. This preset collection preserves the natural grain of your photos instead of smoothing it over (like many others do), and plays with shadows and depth to make them look just like vintage film. This pack is compatible with the mobile version of Lightroom, allowing you to edit JPEG and RAW files on both iOS and Android.


“Cuba libre” preset pack

cuba libre lightroom presets

Cuba is a top destination for immersing yourself in all things vintage, from its famous retro cars to its pastel-tinted architecture. Inspired by Havana vibes, “Cuba libre” includes three presets that will give your photos a warm, hazy cast that feels just like the good old days. These presets are made for mobile, so you can use them to edit RAW and JPEG photos on the Lightroom app for iOS and Android.


“Sweet honey” preset

sweet honey lightroom presets


Capture the feeling of strolling along a seaside boardwalk in 1970’s California with “sweet honey,” a beachy preset that has good vibes in its DNA. “Sweet honey” is big on brightness and highlights, swapping darker colours for more muted, washed-out tones that feel just like a sun-bleached photograph. This preset is also intended for mobile use, so you can enjoy editing JPEG and RAw files on your iPhone or Android device.


“Pina colada” preset

pina colada lightroom presets


This preset was designed to go heavier on oranges and teals for a vintage look that is a touch moodier than its muted counterparts. “Pina colada” is very flattering as a portrait preset, and is also perfect for wedding photography if you’re looking to take some dramatic retro-inspired shots. This preset is also mobile-centric, and is similarly compatible with Lightroom for iOS and Android.


Take your photos back in time with Lightroom

From vintage hues to bringing out different pops of colour, the right Lightroom preset can dramatically transform the look and feel of any given image. Choosing a preset you love and sticking to it is also a great way to create a cohesive social media grid! Explore all of our presets now and find your perfect fit, no matter your vision.

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