Wondering how to upload presets to Lightroom mobile? Photography editing has never been so easy. You can access most of the features of Adobe Lightroom directly from your smartphone. And it’s all for free!

Let’s go straight to the tutorial. We offer you a guide on how to install presets in Lightroom mobile.

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How to Get Lightroom Presets on a Mobile App Without a Desktop?

Lightroom CC is a new, cloud-based software. It appeared on smartphones before being adapted to computers in 2017.

You can access your photos from:

  • Computer
  • Smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Tablet
  • And even from a web version of Lightroom

In other words, you can access your photos wherever you are, even if you don’t have your computer with you. Let’s see how to get presets on Lightroom mobile.


How to Import Presets Into Lightroom Mobile?


adobe lightroom photo editor


Not sure how to install presets in the mobile lightroom? It is necessary to import the photos in the .dng format into the application.

This is the only format that allows you to save the modified parameters of a photo and reuse them on another one. If the corresponding file is a “.zip”, don’t worry. The “Files” application will decompress the file automatically.

Before discovering how to install presets in Lightroom mobile, you must have downloaded the app and be logged in.


how to import presets Into lightroom mobile

  1. Open files
  2. Choose the folder where the .dng files are located
  3. Select the first preset, click on the share icon in the bottom left corner
  4. Click on the Lightroom icon and confirm the import of the file to LR mobile
  5. Open the LR mobile application
  6. Select the freshly imported photo, click on the three dots at the top right to bring up a new menu
  7. Click on “Create a preset »
  8. Enter the name of the preset




How to Install Lightroom Presets on iPhone?

Wondering how to download presets to Lightroom mobile on your iPhone? There are two ways:

  • Via the (native) file app
  • Via a free downloadable iZip app

Both of them will allow you to unzip the zip file. In both cases, it’s very simple:


Install Lightroom Via Files

When you save the Zip file you received, your iPhone will offer to open it in different ways.

  1. Choose « Files
  2. Go to the iCloud Drive location
  3. Click on “View Content”

how to import presets into lightroom mobile?


Install Lightroom Via iZip

The other solution is to download the free version of iZip from the app store.

Install Lightroom Via iZip


  1. Open the zip file received with the iZip app
  2. Allow iZip to extract the compressed files by clicking “ok”
  3. The app will work by itself, then it will automatically display the contents of the folder
  4. Click on Mobile Presets. There you will see a list of files. All .dng files correspond to a preset.
  5. Choose the first one and click “open in”, then choose Lightroom.


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