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Whether it’s to immortalize a special day, to capture a beautiful encounter with nature or to preserve the essence of a unique moment, photography has become an integral part of our everyday lives. With today’s technology, it is now possible for anyone to produce gorgeous images with the simple click of a button. 

However, what truly differentiates professional photographers from amateurs is often the time spent on editing a picture’s colours, shadows, shapes and details to truly make its best features stand out. 

Now this is where we come in! With our lightroom preset packs, it is now possible for anyone with an interest for photography to create stunning, professional-looking photos, without the hassle!

Why Should You Buy our Lightroom Presets?  


Our adobe lightroom presets packs let you choose the specific aesthetic or artistic feel you want for your pictures, while still allowing you to play with the settings to add a unique touch to your creations. At the Preset Story, our mission is to share our passion for photography and inspire more people to join us on this artistic journey. We want editing to be fun and easy for everyone, while giving breathtaking results! 


  • Vintage Style Presets

If you are looking to add a vintage and nostalgic style to your pictures, try our California Dream or California Chill desktop and mobile lightroom presets, that will instantly transport you to the golden state with their warm and bright tones. For great retro-looking portraits, try our Moody preset. With its red and orange tones, it will add a soft tan to your picture’s subjects, making it look like they just came back from a sunny destination.


  • Unique Tones For a Uniform Feed

If you want to buy lightroom presets for your instagram feed, we have the perfect collection for you! As bloggers, we know that having a uniform and consistent style on social media is important to you. This is why we came up with presets that have specific tints to make your Instagram feed look homogeneous, such as the Autumn Collection with its warm and bright colors, or the Sweet Sea preset with its blue and colder tones

If you have a favorite color, now is the time to show it to your followers! For a fun yellow feed, choose our Honey preset, and for photos taken in nature, try our Green Day preset, that will add a beautiful pop of bright green to all your pictures. Of course, we have also the black and white, classic one.


  • Soft and Creamy Tones

Increasing a picture’s saturation setting to make it more fun and vibrant is a popular way to enhance its natural features, however, there is nothing quite like the beauty of soft and subtle colours on a photo. Creamy tones can add a unique dimension to a social media feed, conveying a feeling of peace and harmony. To achieve this aesthetic, try our Almond and Piña Colada lightroom filters.


Start YOUR Preset Journey Now!


If you are looking to buy presets for lightroom on your mobile phone, our monthly subscription would be perfect for you! For only $4.90 per month, you could have access to our whole collection of presets. Yes, all of them! However, if you are not ready to commit to a monthly subscription, you can try our sample pack collection for only $1.99! Discover our unique lightroom presets packs today to say goodbye to long hours of editing, and hello to gorgeous and professional-looking photos!

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