Instagram is, by far, one of the best social platforms for engagement. With millions of photographs published online each day, it can be hard to stand out from the masses. In this article, we will provide five top tips to help make your photographs stand out so you can gain a higher engagement.


⓵ Think About The Overall Theme For Your Feed


Before you take a photo, you should have an idea of what your Instagram Profile looks like. For instance, what are your style guidelines? Most successful companies operate with style guidelines to help maintain a consistent quality to their overall feed. For example, does your photography reflect a light and natural feel, or are you photographs rather dark and moody?

Once you have determined the right look, you should stick to the feel. Over time, your audience will appreciate your style, and you will become known for the look.

⓶ Get Closer To Your Subject


When scrolling through Instagram, we see far too many photos lacking exciting or interesting subjects. To keep your photography exciting and engaging, we encourage you to get physically close to your subject whenever you can. Showing off the small details can add vibrancy, color, interest and detail to a subject. So, the next time you photograph a flower, get super close to show the detail of the pollen.

⓷ Use The Rule of Thirds


If you want to improve your Instagram photography, then you need to master composition. Depending on what camera you are using, most of them have a 3×3 grid function that you can overlay on the screen. What these grid lines provide is something photographers refer to as the ‘rule of thirds’. Visually when you align your subject to one of these lines or intersecting lines, there’s a natural look that feels right. We call this composition.

For instance, if you are photographing a landscape, you should place the horizon on either the lower third horizontal line or the top third horizontal line. By doing this, you either show two-thirds of the land or sky. If you were to place the horizon in the middle of the photo, then you will either miss out on the foreground interest on the ground or the strange clouds in the sky.

⓸ Photograph In Amazing Light


Most cameras have built-in meters to help them measure the exposure. However, you may find if you photograph during the middle of the day your photographs can appear with contrasty shadows. To avoid shadows and obtain a more even light, it is best to shoot during the blue hour. The blue hour is half an hour before the sun rises or half an hour after the sun disappears below the horizon. The reason why you should photograph during these times (landscapes especially), is the light is even, and the resulting picture will have an even exposure.

If you are photographing portraits, then you can use diffused light. Diffused light helps break down the harshness of the sun and instead softens it. We think the best light to photograph a portrait is window light. Next time you are at a cafe or in a home, try positioning the person. You are photographing next to the window. Photograph their face with the light filtering through the window, and you will be surprised at just how amazing the photo will turn out!

⓹ Turn Off Your Flash


No one wants to ruin a photo with artificial light. So turn off your flash on all occasions. If there isn’t enough light, then photograph the subject when there is. It’s that simple.

Hopefully, these quick tips will help you on your Instagram journey and see you taking photographs like a professional. Remember, practice makes perfect, so do not be afraid to take as many photos as you need and select the right one before publishing

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