Have you ever wondered how your favorite Instagram influencer obtains a sleek, ensemble-looking feed effortlessly? The answer is: with adobe lightroom presets. 

Many of you are probably still spending hours on end trying to edit your photos the way your favorite Instagrammers do. That’s only because you don’t know what lightroom presets are. Not only could you save hours of work, but you could also easily up your Instagram game by reading this. 


What is Lightroom?  

Lightroom is a photo-editing tool developed by Adobe. It offers different types of edit options. With this app, you can modify a single image by changing the light exposure, the colors or the white balance, for example. You can also put a color photo in black and white. 


So… what are lightroom presets? 

Lightroom preset contains a set of parameters that can be used by the software to modify a photo. You can choose a preset and click. Then, in the develop module, the predetermined settings will apply to that photo.   

Picture this: you’ve gone on a hike with your best friends and you’ve taken the nicest shot at the top of the mountain. You are satisfied with the angle and the composition, so you want to upload this picture to your socials, but something is missing. Your photo is nice, but it lacks color, sharpness and its own style that will make your photo stand out of everyone else’s photos.  

This is where lightroom presets comes in. Lightroom presets are Adobe Lightroom’s preferred elements. You can upload presets collections from our site. Save them to the program to edit each and every one of your photos in the same way. Therefore, you can obtain an ensemble-looking feed by having similar tones and shades come out of each picture.  

It is also possible to develop presets. If you want more information about that, read this article about how to create your own lightroom presets


How to install lightroom presets? 

To install lightroom preset, you can choose one from our website. Then open lightroom and click on the Preset panel on the left side of the window. It’s recommends to create a new folder. Once the folder is created, click on your custom created preset and select Import.    


Why is it so practical to use presets?

Nothing beats Adobe Lightroom’s efficiency professionalism and rapidity in terms of batch editing. Many top photographs turn to lightroom to edit photos on the go and make sure their content is seen by the community as quickly as possible. You too can use lightroom presets to speed up your editing process and ensure that your content is of good quality and has a similar vibe every time.  

To make the most out of your experience with Adobe Lightroom, download a few presets for photos that represent your editing style. Then, simply adjust the components. This way, you will be able to color-correct and grade with just a simple click, saving you hours of editing, and guaranteeing you a seat on the explore page.

Did we lose you? To put it simply, lightroom presets are predetermined configurations of settings that you can apply over your photo to achieve a given warmth, tone, vibrancy, coloration and exposure. Lightroom presets are settings that once overlaid to a photo will change its components to fit a certain style.


Why you should use lightroom presets?

Overall lightroom presets are inherently, time savers! Once you find a preset that fits your style, you can re-apply the same preset to all of your photos. It will guarantee you a beautiful feed and will simplify your editing sessions. 

We know that editing can be time-consuming and quite frustrating at times. The importance of photography is to create the nicest shots possible. Not to worry about the hassle that editing can become. Let us help you in your creative endeavors. Take a look at our wide selection of presets that will help you save time, and will make your photos look unique.   

If you want more information about lightroom presets and our products, read our FAQ

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