Premium Lightroom presets can really be a lot of fun to work with. We all know that editing is a time warp that can take hours, days and even weeks to complete.  If you have a lot of photos from a photoshoot, it can be dreadful.  But, it is certainly needed. However, you can save some of that time with some Lightroom presets. All photographers love lightroom. They offer a quick and easy way to edit your photos for print as well as posting in your favorite social media. And being able to do just that with just a click is so nice. That is what presets offer.

If you have ever used lightroom you know about the sliders that are used to improve on the images that you take. These presets will have all the sliders already preset for you so that you don’t have to mess with all of them to get the perfect image, every time. Some come with all of the sliders moved for you and some come with just a select few, but you get the idea. They are used to make creating the perfect shot easier.  These will put a hue on your images of color, for example, a blue hue for summertime water shots. Or maybe a light pattern that makes your images have more of a vintage feel. Some add vibrant colors to really make the colors in the image stand out. While other premium presets offer to soften the colors.


Millions of ways to set your Lightroom presets


There are literally a million ways to set the sliders in Lightroom. Professional photographers give you a few of the magical settings that they like to use.  They hope that you will enjoy them and purchase more from them. If you would like to actually see what they do, many have options to click in one and there are example photos that allow you to scroll over and mess around with.

Lightbox presets almost act similar to the filters on your phone apps.  It will give you a different “look” to the picture. It may draw out a certain color or dampen it. There are some that will make the photo look vintage, while others will make it more vibrant. There are all kinds of lightroom presets available. So there is something that you will surely love. Some are even made free for everyone to try out. The presets were made by professional photographers from around the world. You can find all kinds of different presets to meet your needs.

Take a look around and you’ll find some amazing premium lightroom presets that will truly add a uniqueness to your photos. Not all photographers want the same look. And, that is why there is such a variety of presets to choose from.


About The Preset Story


The Preset Story was started by a professional photographer named Guillaume that has a keen eye to digital art.  Guillaume has done professional photography for seven years and has worked with some high-end companies such as Mercedes, Lancôme, Champagne Billecart Salmon and Angelina Paris and more. Working with photography and lightroom and premium Lightroom presets, their pictures turn out stunning and amazing every time. This is a form of expression and a way, as a photographer, that you too can break into the wonderful world of photography.

The Preset Story was born from a person with a vision and an eye for digital art. As the settings were adjusted and stored as presets, it was obvious that others might like to have access to these as well. And, that is how The Preset Story started.  Just a photographer with a deep passion for the digital art world and for other photographers as well. Whether you are just a budding artist or have a true all in with both feet passion digital photography can be wonderful in so many ways.

There are certainly different effects that these presets will put onto the image. We have organized these effects in a fashion that we hope you find helpful. You will find an explanation of the following presets.


Table of Contents:

  1. Summer and Beach Premium Lightroom Presets
  2. Fall and Leaves Premium Lightroom Presets
  3. Orange and Teal Premium Lightroom Presets
  4. Bright and Airy Premium Lightroom Presets
  5. Dark and Moody Premium Lightroom Presets
  6. Cinematic Premium Lightroom Presets
  7. Pastel, Sweet and Pink premium Lightroom Presets
  8. Vintage premium Lightroom Presets
  9. Portrait Premium Lightroom Presets
  10. Travel premium Lightroom Presets


1-Summer and Beach Premium Lightroom Presets


summer and beach premium lightroom presets

Summertime themes are perfect to add a little brightness to the photos. These themes tend to be a bit more colorful than some with blue hues. Some themes will allow you to try them online to see the effects they have on the photos. This allows you a bit of trying it before you buy it. Look at the settings and see for yourself if they are something that you think would make your images look better. Not every preset will work with every photographer’s images.

Even the novice of photographers can have access to some of the best premium lightroom presets on the market. This allows them to start playing around with lightroom and gain confidence. Budding photographers are perfect for presets as this will save them a lot of time trying to get the perfect “look”. Of course, for the more advanced Lightroom users, there are other amazing best-paid premium lightroom presets for you as well. These work on wherever you login into your lightbox account.

1- Sweat Sea by The Preset Story

2- Summer Collection by The Preset Story

3- Riviera Summer by Creative Market

4- Beach Collection by Angel Riley Photography


2-Fall and Leaves Premium Lightroom Presets


fall premium lightroom presets

The rich colors of the fall are captured in these premium Lightroom presets. These are typically more on the darker shade of things. The beautiful autumn collection of presets will enrich the amazing colors of the fall. This allows you to truly capture the fall beauty and all it has to offer. These are offered in both free and premium Lightroom presets. Some free ones would be perfect to get your feet wet using presets if you have never worked with them. Many photographers offer a free option to show you what they can do and how they deliver.

These premium lightroom presets are similar to filters we find in apps on our phones. However, they are made with professional photography in mind. They are great for those that not only do photography professionally but also people that use Instagram and other social media to display their talents. Get more noticed with more professional pictures with premium lightroom presets.

1- Autumn Collection by The Preset Story

2- Premium Autumn Presets by Design Bundles

3-Autumn Leaves Overlays by Mr Lightroom

4- Luxe Autumn Touch of Tweed by The Luxelens


3-Orange and Teal Premium Lightroom Presets


orange and teal premium lightroom presets

Orange and Teal premium lightroom presets add an amazing vibrancy to the image. It is made to pull out the teal and orange colorings that are found in these images to really make them stand out. These are great and add a wonderful summer-like feel to the image.

Most premium lightroom presets will work on both Android and iPhone and are compatible with both the paid and free versions of Lightroom to allow all users to take advantage of this amazing preset. They do this so that everyone has a chance to use the presets as they choose. Get your images to have that look you have always wanted with premium lightroom presets.

1- Orange and Teal by The Preset Story

2- Orange and Teal by She Will Spill

3- Orange and Teal by Beart Presets

4- Tropical Teal by Pixgrade


 4-Bright and Airy Premium Lightroom Presets


bright and airy premium lightroom-presets

Shed little light on your subjects with this premium lightroom preset. This preset will enhance the lighting and give your photos a more airy sort of look about them. This is a premium lightroom preset that is perfect for those that like to have a bit lighter than what the original image comes out to be.

Of course, as with all of the premium lightroom presets, this will work wherever you login into the lightroom.  These are great as lightroom desktop presets as well as lightroom mobile presets.

1- Shine Bright by The Preset Story

2- Bright and Airy by Beart Presets

3- Bright and Airy by FilterGrade

4- Bright and Airy for Mobile by 123 Presets


5-Dark and Moody Premium Lightroom Presets


dark and moody premium lightroom presets

Some photo artists like the look of the dark and moody. This is a unique look that can really set an artist apart from others. These premium lightroom presets are perfect for landscape images as well as family portraits. Sometimes this look is called a dramatic look as well. Dark and Moody looks can add that level of aged look to the photo.

1- Take one by The Preset Story

2- Dark & Moody by Lou and Marks

3- Dark and Dramatic Landscape by NorthLandscapes

4- Dark and Moody Millennium Collection by Pretty Presets


6-Cinematic Premium Lightroom Presets


cinematic premium lightroom presets

Cinematic premium lightroom presets casts a darkened look over the photo. These presets tend to also add a dramatic look to the photo as well as some lines at the top and bottom of the page that makes it have the “movie” image look to it as well. Of course, most of these are geared to work with all of your devices that you access lightroom with. The premium lightroom presets work on both desktop and mobile devices. These typically will work on all paid and free versions of Lightroom as well.

1- Cinematic Collection by The Preset Story

2- Cinematic Film Look by GraphicRiver

3- Cinematic Film by Creative Market

4- Cinematic Lightroom Presets by Design Cuts


7-Pastel, Sweet and Pink premium Lightroom Presets


pastel sweet pink premium lightroom presets

Pastel, sweet and pink premium lightroom presets pull in the red undertones to the image. They are fun to play around with when you have time. However, when you find yourself short on time, it’s nice to have this little preset that does it for you. These typically will soften the look of the image as well as sort of pull things that are in the front of the lens more forward and set the object apart from the background. It has a very nice effect that many photographers really enjoy.

Of course, most of the pastel, sweet, and pink premium lightroom presets are made work as mobile Lightroom presets and desktop lightroom presets.

1- Pink Lady by The Preset Story

2- Sweet Honey by The Preset Story

3- Pastel Wonderland by Etsy

4- Gentle Pastel by Filtergrade


8- Vintage Premium Lightroom Presets


vintage premium lightroom presets

Vintage premium lightroom presets do just that, put a vintage feel over the photograph. Some sort of wash out the image a bit and dull the coloring. Digital photography is huge and with these presets, even beginners have a chance to make some amazing first impressions. Getting your camera setting correct, the lighting and angles are just some of what goes into digital photography, then there is the editing. This was something that simply couldn’t be done back with film as it can today. The interest has millions of presets available. And, they are perfect for keeping your editing time down to something manageable.

1- Cuba Libre by The Preset Story

2- Vintage Lifestyle by GraphiCriver

3- Vintage Wedding by Beart Preset

4- Vintage Lightroom Presets by Creative Presets


9- Portrait Premium Lightroom Presets


portrait premium lightroom presets

Portraits are another way that premium lightroom presets. Get great images with a single click of a button. Not feeling that particular preset, try another. There are so many things that can be done with a portrait preset from highlighting certain features to bringing out glowing skin. The portrait presets can add a sense of sophistication to the images. Some are great for helping fade out blemishes as well.

1- Sweet Honey by The Preset Story

2- Milky Way by The Preset Story

3- Graphicriver

4- Imagenomic


10-Travel premium Lightroom Presets


travel premium lightroom presets

Travel premium lightroom presets are great for those photographers that like to get out and enjoy this beautiful world. These preset come in a variety of different options but they are typically made to bring the world to life. Sometimes it is hard to get that perfect shot when you are travelling, however, with a travel premium lightroom preset, you have nothing to worry about. These presets are set to help enhance and improve upon place shots. This can be things such as the mountains to cactus and anything in between.

1- Wildlife by The Preset Stroy

2- Downtown Street by The Preset Story

3- Beart Preset

4 – Preset Gallery


When you are looking at premium lightroom presets, these will also be lightroom mobile presets and lightroom desktop presets. These are a fast and simple way to allow you to have amazing images, every time, without the hassle. There are all kinds of presets available for purchase and you can even have fun with making some of your very own. However, the fun part is actually getting to use them and really start to understand them.

As with anything, practice makes perfect.  And, so, you need to really sit down and take some time to learn Lightroom and all of the wonderful features. There is a lot that can be done with it. It has made photography go to the next level.  Mess around with the settings and find your “look” that is just you. Every photographer has their style and look. And, whether you are a seasoned photographer or an expert, taking it to the next step.



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