Whether you are an experienced photographer or someone with a newfound interest for the art of photography, we are here to accompany you on this journey. With many years of experience with photo editing softwares such as photoshop and lightroom, we were able to develop easy-to-use and accessible presets to simplify your photo retouching process and allow you to create breathtaking images, that will truly stand out.

Today, you can find dozens of presets on our website, going from warmer and brighter tones to darker and more nostalgic filters. If you don’t know which one to choose, or are still hesitating between a few, we are here to help. Discover our personal favorites with our top 5 best lightroom presets!


1. Coachella Lightroom Preset


best lightroom presets 1

Popular for its warm and bright tones, the Coachella lightroom preset will transform any picture into a beautiful, vintage-looking image. For optimal results, use candid pictures taken on the beach, at a music festival or in a coastal city. This preset will instantly transport you to a bright summer day, with its soft and creamy undertones.


2. Fluffy Hawaii Lightroom Preset


best lightroom presets 2

An essential for any travel fanatic, Fluffy Hawaii is one of the best lightroom filters to enhance a picture’s natural colours and create images that pop and stand out. Perfect for coastal or tropical destinations, this preset will transform any of your travel pictures into beautiful and colorful works of art.


3. Wildlife Lightroom Preset


best lightroom presets 3

With its cold and darker tones, our Wildlife preset will add mystery and depth into any picture taken in nature. Whether you are simply on a hike in your hometown, visiting a national park or exploring a natural reserve, this preset will allow you to create stunning and emotion-filled landscape pictures, worthy of hanging up on your wall.


4. Sweet Honey Lightroom Preset


best lightroom presets 4

Sweet Honey is the best adobe lightroom preset to create bright, airy and dreamy pictures for travel and lifestyle bloggers. This filter tones down the original colors of your images, to create a more light and pastel finish, that will help you achieve a uniform and consistent Instagram feed.


5. Downtown Street Lightroom Preset


best lightroom presets 5

Finally, use our Downtown Street lightroom preset for your all your shots of skyscrapers, cars, urban objects, or downtown events. This filter will slightly darken your images and accentuate their details to create powerful, stunning photos, that almost look surreal.


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