Portrait photography captures the essence of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrop and poses. Portraits can serve many purposes, from using photos on a personal website, displaying images in your social media handles and well, if you’re the type, you may even hang a photograph in your house.

Taking the perfect portrait photographs, like with any other genre of photography, requires a lot of practice. You’d have to consider the lighting, direct the pose of your subject and consider the overall mood of the image you’re trying to portray.

The good news is that you always get better with constant practice, and once you have garnered enough photography practice hours, post processing your photos might be a bit easier. Why? Because of Photoshop and the best portrait presets.

Lightroom Presets, as the name implies, are pre-determined settings that you can use to improve the quality of your photograph instantly (depending on the theme of the preset). Applying it is as easy as 123: open Photoshop on your laptop or mobile phone, import the photo you want to edit, open your chosen preset and apply it with a few clicks. You can then witness the instant improvement of the overall quality of the image you captured.

The Preset Story houses the best portrait presets one could ever find on the internet. There’s a package for everyone and for every scene you can think of:

The Lovely Day package features cool tones and sharp hues, subdued by a thin haze overlay. This is perfect for photographs that are taken outdoors because the user has the flexibility to adjust the overall sharpness and hue of the image.


Hawaii is the perfect Lightroom preset for outdoor and travel photographs. I can’t even begin to describe how lively your photos will become once the preset is applied. The preset increases the photos’ saturation but only to a level pleasing to the viewers. Shadows are also improved to provide the necessary contrast and character.


If you’re a portrait photographer building a portfolio or an aspiring model who’s planning to build the same, then one of the best portrait presets is Sweetness. This preset provides the necessary punch in your photos that gives them depth. The lower exposure on the final outcome also adds a certain allure that you otherwise would have difficulty expressing straight from the camera.


If you’re feeling a bit experimental, then the ideal portrait preset for you might be Wonderland. This preset turns your final image into a shot straight out of a make-believe world. The final image has a tinge of pink, perfect to capture anyone’s attention without being in-your-face. This is a great preset, especially for those who are curating their portfolio and want to offer something that’s unique and fresh.

There you have it! Those are just 4 recommended presets among the best of the best portrait presets that’s available in The Preset Story. Feel free to check them out and I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed.

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