Everyone enjoys traveling.


Trips allow a person to learn new things, experience unique adventures and make fresh memories. Traveling is not only fun; it also provides a variety of surprising personal and health benefits. Studies show that traveling leads to a greater learning capacity, increased sense of happiness and satisfaction, better family relationships, and an over-all healthy physique.

It is then quite natural that every time we travel, we tend to snap a photo or two and make keepsakes out of them. However, printing said photos would be a bit counterproductive if we’re constantly on the move; hoarding a lot means heavier bags and more baggage allowance.

Hence, social media. Social media enables us to store these wonderful memories without the burden of carrying that added physical weight. It enables us to reach and inspire a lot of people by sharing our photos and the stories that come along with them.

How you curate your feed is entirely under your own artistic freedom, but have you ever spent hours editing a single photo and still felt like you had not obtained the desired result? And have you ever wondered how other social media “influencers” edit their photos to end up with a sleek, artistic-looking feed?

If you answered yes to both questions then I would like to introduce the concept of presets. Presets are basically a set of specific settings that you can easily just copy-paste in your lightroom application. It will help you edit your photos faster and elevate the quality of your social media feed and professional portfolio. And to make things easier, we’re sharing 5 of the best travel presets that you may use for your travel photographs.


  1. Take One – the Take One preset is perfect for the urban setting. It gives a subtle shade of blue, making your photos appear cooler to the eye. It also adds a bit of haze, giving your final render a bit of a vintage feel in the modern setting.


  1. Wildlife Story – Wildlife, as the name implies, is perfect for the outdoors. The finished product gives a cool feel and it also gives a balanced exposure to areas if there’s too much light or too many shadows.


  1. Heaven’s Door – If your photo is well exposed, then Heaven’s Door is a perfect preset to make the same photo look better. After applying this preset, the final photo looks a tad brighter with the blues popping out. There’s also a balanced high dynamic range on the final photo with both the light and darker portions looking clearer and sharp.


  1. Coachella – What do you imagine when you think of Coachella? Warm, bright, and vibrant? That’s exactly what this preset offers. The preset first makes the photo brighter, then increases its sharpness and lessens the shadows.


  1. California Dream – you can expect your photo’s sharpness to pop out after applying the California Dream Colors become more emphasized but it won’t look super saturated. This is because of the thin “haze” film that gets applied.


To check out other available presets, please feel free to check The Preset Story’s website here.

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