Presets are a way to apply settings or parameters to a photo to enhance a scene. Enhancements can include color, contrast, saturation, luminosity, shadows and effects can be edited in just one click. All of these can be programmed into the photo editing app, which allows you to retouch photos before publishing onto Instagram. One of these, the most popular being Adobe Lightroom. In this article, we will explore the top five most popular Instagram Lightroom presets.


Insta Collection Lightroom Presets

This is one of the best presets created by professional designers. The look and feel consist of bright highlights, faded dark shadows, pale peach tones and blue hues. This Insta-style winning collection is perfect for your outdoorsy photos which need a magic touch at a click of a button. The result is an incredible looking photo which has a cooler color temperature.


California Lova Collection Lightroom Presets

Think hot summer light. This set of presets instantly lightens the dark shadows with sun-kissed golden hues. It elevates the luminosity of your photos with a balanced mixture of color and light — a touch of vintage for a nostalgic moment.


Sweet Sea Preset

Turquoise ocean, beach vibe, vibrant blue with a slant on the more relaxed tone. Strips away the saturation to give off a subdued clean look to your photos. The preset will lighten your photos and elevate anything blue. Blue sky and the ocean particularly work well and end up looking like a featured photo in a Vogue Magazine.


Wonderland Presets

Wonderland presets is a highlight package that allows you to add pink, sun contrasts, and with this combination. Wonderland presets is specially designed for bloggers, influencers, creatives or anyone else who wants to add tone and feel to Wonderland.


Sweet Honey Preset

This presets does magic to a backlit photo in the Sun. Like god’s love, it lightens a photograph and gives life. This glow is though oriented towards warmer and lower-contrast settings. It adds a strong wash by clips highlight and dark shadows, muted colors, medium grain.


On My Mind Lightroom Presets

This is a hidden gem, one of its own kind of presets you would ever find out there. It is unique, vibrant, vivid, and painterly, adding to your photos a beautiful dusk or dawn look and feel.

Cinematic Presets

This presets pack brightens an image with a higher dynamic range. This set is one of the most versatile cinematic presets selections. It offers a soft, warm dark look at high contrast / clarity, a dramatic, light and bold feel. Thanks to these black stripes for a great cinema effects.

As you can see there are many popular Instagram Lightroom presets you can apply to your images. To see a more extensive range of popular downloads, visit

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